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bad piercings and should I even care?

i was at my sister's house last night. she told me my niece got her helix double pierced. She said R got studs put into them, she picked out and brought with her. The place (not where I get mine done, and where they took her when she got her navel pierced - my piercer is great and would never have agreed to that) let her bring in her own studs. I was not happy. I told my sister studs should not be used for piercing healing because of swelling, but she said she got it done over a week ago and it was fine. Then she said she didn't care. If it got infected, R would just have to take it out. She said it was not true that if you took the piercing out it wouldn't heal right. She was a doctor and knew best. She also did not like the way hoops or bars looked and didn't want her daughter wearing them. She can tolerate studs but not hoops or bars.

(Insert a lot of swearing here.)

My thoughts: If you are going to allow your daughter to get pierced, at least allow her to get healed properly. She admitted that she WANTS her to get infected so she will have to remove the piercings.

I am pissed. At my sister. And at the piercing place for putting STUDS in a cartilage piercing. My sister wouldn't even listen to reason. Nope. She wants the piercings to get infected or have problems so R will have to take them out. I am hopping mad.

Besides, this just makes my sister more than a little judgmental and intolerant, and makes me feel like she is looking down on ME as well. I wear fraking HOOPS.

I feel like scum for even trying to care.



January 2009

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