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I love how a whole bunch of people (11 so far) felt the need to seek out my LJ and leave comments for me, even though I already left the group. you all win. i cannot compete with all of your coolness and whatnot. i concede. you are cool and i am not. you win. i do not belong in your group of coolness. i have walked away and stopped arguing with anyone, and am just saying my thoughts to myself in my own journal. not in a public forum or group. it is one thing to get angry at something someone says in public. it is another to respond to something they say when they don't think anyone else is listening and they can vent all they want. if you are reading this, you had to seek it out.


Honey, did you read anyone's comments at all? We (well, a few of us at least) aren't trying to patronize you or prove how much more "awesome/cool" we are compared to you; if that's how it's coming off to you, I think you need to cool off and reread what everyone has written once you've detached yourself from it a bit.

What you have to understand is that it's not personal, here. This is the internet, it's about as impersonal as a thing can get. We are not mocking you nor personally attacking you; we are trying to point out that you were using a hypocritical argument and refusing to see our point of view(s). There are always two sides to an issue, and you have to know both of them (comprehensively, not merely an assumed idea) before you can rightly form an opinion.

It is not you that we have a problem with at all; it is/was your argument. Do you understand that?
You do realize that these thoughts aren't private at all right? They're in a PUBLIC post on your journal. It'd be different if they were private or friends only. It takes a simple click to be able to read them, seriously.

"it is another to respond to something they say when they don't think anyone else is listening and they can vent all they want."

how can you possibly think no one will be able to see this when it's public? you clearly don't understand the internet
Sure she does. It's a series of tubes, and she didn't think we'd find our way into her tube.
That's why my LJ is Friends only. It is a public forum if you don't make it private.
and yet here you are again, inviting people to come criticize you further.
it's ok Cat, I am not even reading the replies anymore, except from people I know. I had 3 seizures this week, and had one of my diabetes meds changed and my Insulin level also changed. I have been feeling totally not myself for days. Also, my dad is in the hospital, but I talked to him today, so I feel better about that. I hate when I have seizures, because it takes days sometimes to feel like myself again. I would try to go back to my blog and explain brain injury, and language problems, and such, but I have made such a mess of things already, I think I am just going to leave it all alone. I know I am not who they think I am, but it is my own fault. Sometimes I cannot speak (or write) what I want to say, the way I want to say it. Things come out all wrong. Then people react to the way it comes out, and the more I try to explain, the worse it gets. I get mad and I react with my emotions. Now I can't go back and say, wait a minute, I have a disability, this is why I did such and such. Because that is playing the disability card, which I won't do. I am still smart - it's just when I am have seizures or when the docs change the meds around that my thoughts get mixed up, or my language skills get affected. Arrrggghhhh. Brain injuries suck. I'd rather them hate me than feel sorry for me though. I can still do almost everything I want to do. I found out recently that with the help of a hiking pole I can walk on uneven ground in the woods and near lakes. I always felt left out that I had to stay on the path because of my balance. Now I can participate a lot more fully. This has nothing to do with anything - see I am rambling. I am really tired. Anyway, thanks for sticking up for me, but it really isn't necessary. :)
Oh and I keep my LJ open because being house bound a lot, I like finding people online to talk with, etc. I have never had a problem before this before. Actually, in my local area, I am one of the people starting a TBI peer support network, since we don't have anything like that here. I want to remain available, in case there are TBI or ARDS survivors or family. I know how to use a delete button. :)
...actually, I happened across this entry while reading the friends' list for a group we mutually belong to, and don't know the story, but just wanted to mention that maybe that can happen too...*shrug*...of course, I didn't feel a need to say anything mean or anything, to a complete stranger...!


Comments and staying open or not.

So basically your plagued by a bunch or looser ass-wipes who have nothing better to do then go around and be snarky about peoples live journals? Jackass's who tell you to act your age when they don't know your history?

::hugs:: And you let these fucktards get to you why?

Tim-you know who I am and no one else her matters. Hope you are doing well today.

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