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voting rant

so, who else had trouble finding accessible places to vote today? Or was it just me? I went to the place I have voted for the past 5 years, since I have been living here, and there was nobody there! The Independent Living Center always has this multi-accessible voting machine, and I didn't know where to go. My mom was bringing me, and we ended up just going to the place on my voter's card, which was a disaster. I liked the machine at the ILC. It had a touch screen, and options just came up one at a time, so I could understand them. I definitely knew that I was choosing the option that I wanted to choose. That regular voting machine, with all the switches, Gah- so confusing. My mother just kept saying, "just switch all the levers on the top line." Ok fine, but I wanted to READ the things too. Not just pull switches without reading them. The place I voted at did have a machine that was supposed to be accessible, but when they asked me if I wanted to use it, it was asked to me kind of like, "Well, if you want to use it, we can set it up, but you really don't need it." And it was different than the one I was used to, so I would have had to had someone show me how to use it, and these guys didn't know how to use it either. At the Independent Living Center, the people there knew we had disabilities. They didn't tell you how to vote, but they made sure you knew how to use the machine before you started the voting part of it. I am STILL stressed out over this, and the whole election is over. I feel so damned powerless and stupid. Like, it said, choose 3 selections, and I couldn't even figure out from the stupid thing where the people's names were. At least I got to vote for the President. That was the most important thing to me. The local things were important too, but I just couldn't understand them or how to make the machine work. The last time I tried to use a regular voting machine, (the first election after my coma), I studied the model of the machine outside of the booth. Then I went in to vote and discovered that the actual machine was set up completely different. The model went across and the booth went up and down.

I don't know what happened, but I feel very let down and disappointed. I have a headache. I am not even writing in sentences anymore. I need to go to bed. Maybe I won't feel like such a loser tomorrow.



January 2009

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